Modern Bohemian Kitchen Design Guide Book


Bright, cheerful and minimalist with a touch of warm and whimsical bohemian accents. This is the fun and inviting design you’ve been waiting for to implement within your short or long-term property. This Guide Book contains everything required from materials and finishes to even decorative elements that can be used to complete the entire look.

Product Guide Includes

  1. Designer Tools: Tool kit to help you with your design project
  2. Plumbing Selection: For the sink and faucet, etc.
  3. Paint Details: For walls, trim and millwork (cabinetry)
  4. Hardware Selection: For interior doors and cabinetry
  5. Material and Finish Details: Flooring, backsplash, countertop and trim options, etc.
  6. Lighting Selection: Options for decorative interior lighting
  7. Appliance Selection: Appliance options for every space
  8. Decorative Elements: Decor items to give your space the complete look
  9. Furniture Selection: Furniture options to add if required

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