Design Services

White Pine Properties Inc. is the ultimate resource for your long and short-term rental properties. Providing expert knowledge and professional recommendations, we can help increase your ROI and/or bookings and save you time, money and hassle during your build/renovation. We do this through creative, thoughtful and intuitive design to take your property to the next level. We offer customized design services and a range of Design Guide Books to meet your needs.

Package One: Pre-Created Design Guide Books

Purchase a Design Guide Book to get the designer look without paying the designer rate. This process will take the guesswork and unnecessary wasted time away from your busy schedule. These detailed charts include all the specific information you’ll need to complete a successful build/renovation. These organized documents can be kept on file or printed and given to trades working on your project. They can be referred to time and time again so no detail gets forgotten or mistaken. Select from single room designs or designs for your entire property. 

Package Two: Custom Design Guide Book

Looking for something a little bit more unique? Let us work with you to create a customized Design Guide Book that can be completely tailored for your project or property. These guides can have your company information, include products from your preferred manufacturers and suppliers and most of all give your property a true one-of-a-kind look!

Package Three: Virtual Consultation

Do you already have some ideas for your property that you want to run by an industry professional before proceeding? Book your consultation with us today and we can go through all your questions, make suggestions and get you back on track! This is your hour to chat about all things design. We can even talk about other full-scope services we can help with!