1: Maximizing Income

Exclusive and unique designs will make your short-term and long-term rental properties stand out from the rest. This will help to create the best revenue stream and land the best tenant possible.

Designing for your demographic is extremely important. Once you find your target market, we can tailor your design to appeal to those you want to rent to.

Figure out the top rent you can charge in the area you’ve purchased and we can base your renovation budget on that. Don’t overspend based on your location or underspend when you can get top dollar!

If using the BRRRR (Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) method for long-term investment properties, proper and effective design will increase your appraisal and after repair value to help grow your portfolio.

Having a budget and design plan for your renovation is also extremely important helpful when it comes to working with investors and banks. Having your renovation planned will help to get the funding you may need (Purchase Plus Improvement).

2: Maximizing Footprint

Designers are Tetris wizards when it comes to maximizing the floor plan of a space. We can help to not only dramatically improve the overall functionality but also look at options to grow the useable living space within your existing footprint.

Reconfiguring a unit/property can also help to exponentially increase the profitability with options like home conversions for example. This could be anything from house hacking and creating a lower level basement, adding a loft-style garage apartment depending on your location, or even customizing an entire home.

3: Filling Vacancy Voids & Business Marketing

Interior 3D Renderings can be created for virtual staging to show what the space could look like even before the renovation has been completed. The use of a Vision Board can also be used to outline key project selections and showcase the essence or vibe of the space. These service offerings set the tone and will help get your property or unit rented faster.

Professionally staged and styled photography is always helpful and can be used for both long and short-term properties. For long-term properties, this could take place after a renovation is completed to give perspective tenants the best visualization of the space. For short-term rentals, photography is crucial in getting your property selected above the rest.

Having professional photography is also extremely important for social media and is always an added benefit to grow your following. Designs can also be used as promotional material and content for this purpose as well.

4: Business Scalability

Use a designer to create proper internal systems/documents for increased productivity, to help with business growth and to save time and money when it comes to building/renovating. Having proper systems and business structure is imperative when it comes to scaling your investment portfolio.

Having proper systems and processes in place will also help to avoid any costly mistakes that could hold up your renovation and end up costing you even more money.

We are able to provide you with the following design systems:

Design Guide Books

Design Guide Books are your key to taking all the guesswork away from product selection while keeping your project organized in order to achieve a successful build/renovation.

Custom Design Guide Book

Looking for something a little bit more unique? Let us work with you to create a customized Design Guide Book that can be completely tailored for your project or property.

Virtual Consultation

Consult with a professional designer to get all your questions answered pertaining to your current or next build/renovation project to create a profitable and beautifully designed property.