Warm Modern Home or Cottage Design Guide Book


Neutral, calming and serene. This modern design features a minimalist look with touches of warm elements including wood, organic textures and woven/natural accents to create inviting spaces. This is the perfect timeless design to implement within your short-term vacation rental or long-term investment property. This Guide Book contains everything required from materials and finishes to even decorative elements that can be used to help complete a successful project from start to finish.

Product Guide Includes

  1. Designer Tools: Tool kit to help you with your design project
  2. Plumbing Section: For all the plumbing elements you’ll require for your kitchen and bathroom
  3. Hardware for Interior and Exterior: For cabinetry, interior and exterior doors, etc.
  4. Material and Finish Details: Flooring, backsplash options, counters and trim, etc. for your entire property
  5. Lighting for Interior and Exterior: Options for decorative and functional interior and exterior lighting for your entire property
  6. Appliance Selection: Appliance options for every space
  7. Decorative Elements: Decor items to give your kitchen, bathroom and living room the complete look

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